1501, 2022

William Happer: “In climate policy they use the reversed Robin Hood strategy”

By |15 January 2022|CLINTEL, Interviews, News, The Netherlands, USA, Videos|

The eminent American physicist William Happer was invited by CLINTEL to visit The Netherlands after he spoke at the excellent EIKE conference in Germany in November. He gave a very interesting one [...]

212, 2021

Benny Peiser: “we are entering a new phase in the climate debate”

By |2 December 2021|Ireland, News, Videos|

Benny Peiser, director of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, gave a talk for the Irish Climate Science Forum and CLINTEL. His online presentation was titled: After COP26, with a looming energy crisis, [...]

1210, 2021

Prominent Irish climate scientist speaks out: “The science is not settled”

By |12 October 2021|Ireland, Videos|

''The Science is not settled." The prominent Irish climate scientist Professor Ray Bates speaks out, in an interview with the website Gript, against the mainstream narrative on climate alarmism. He argues that climate [...]

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