A Russian woman living in The Netherlands, informed us that the World Climate Declaration by CLINTEL (minute 4:10), Guus Berkhout (minute 3:27) and other CLINTEL ambassadors, were featured prominently on Russian tv, in a popular programmme on current events. The programme was broadcast was on October 10. We were surprised, because we were not approached by the programme. On the other hand, it wasn’t a complete surprise because Guus Berkhout was invited to speak in Moscow last year by the Russian Academy of Science. The preparation for this trip was well on it’s way when corona intervened. In the tv programme the  Russian Academy of Science is also featured.

It’s clear that Russia doesn’t follow the panic stories about climate that dominate western media blindly. It’s ironic in that respect, that we are mentioned on Russian tv, without even being asked, while our press realeases are completely ignored by Dutch media.

Below a transcript of the broadcast made by Luba Zoebkova, the Russian woman that informed us about it.


Informative-analytical programme on weekly news: “Vesti nedeli”, on Sunday at 20:00 – with presentor Dmitrij Kiselev on State tv and internet channel Russia 1

Climate item from an edition of this programme on Sunday 10 October, 2021: Warming of the Earth as a new religion that can’t be talked about

Translation Luba Zoebkova

“A fashionable subject is climate warming and the threat it poses for life on Earth. We already almost get drilled in our head that people are to blame for everything, and some heated ‘green’ activists agree that people should, in order to save nature, have less children, because each child means a carbon burden of 60 tons of CO2 a year on the planet. Many on Earth have already thought about this seriously. They display the ultimate willingness to sacrifice by focussing exclusively on renewable energy sources – sun and wind. The West is planning to spend billions, no trillions, on the energy transition (aka the reform of the market).

The Swedish girl Greta Thunberg skipped school because of climate demonstrations and became famous and rich through climate activism, but suddenly the north pole stopped melting. At this  moment the ice cover is 4,81 million square kilometers. That’s one million square kilometers more than last September. Is this the beginning of a change in climate or an accident? Anyway, the north pole area will perform the role of giant refrigerator for the Northern Hemisphere this coming winter, which will without doubt lower the the average temperature of the season. But, that’s all about the North.

What about the South in the meantime? Don’t tell Greta, who apparently has a vulnerable psyche, but Antarctica also is a refrigerator that would suit storing the Pfizer vaccine there in the fresh air. Last week the Russische Vostok-station on Antarctica recorded -79,4 degrees. And the average temperature on the south pole from April until September was -61 degrees Celsius, which is 4,5 degrees lower than in the last 30 years of observations.

One could say that it’s a coincidence, but one way or another, this second giant refrigerator will also cool our planet form the South. The amount of sea ice around Antarctica has now risen to the fifth highest level ever recorded.

Greta Thunberg has not yet reformed humanity. Gas, oil and coal remain very popular…another dissapointment…so where is the planet heading to: warming or cooling? Which factors have an impact on this? And how long will a badly educated, school skipping Swedish school girl keep torturing the brains of adult people?

If we don’t look to the ‘green’ totalitarian sect of Greta, but to serious scientists, it will become clear, based on measurable data, that the Sun is the deciding factor in the climate on Earth – the activity of the Sun and the radiation of the Sun received by our planet, which depends on the distance and the angle of the axis of the Earth. Professor Oleg Sorokhtin, who works at the (‘Shirshov’) Institute for Oceanography, Russian Academy of Science, developed a physical theory of climate on Earth, with which one can determine quantitatively, the separate influence of the different factors on the climate and their total influence. Greenhouse gases do not play a role in this.

Serious foreign scientists have the same opinion. Professor Ingemar Nordin from Sweden, professor Richard Lindzen from the US, professor Guus Berkhout from The Netherlands and professor Alberto Prestininzi from Italy are amongst 500 climatologists and scientists in neighboring areas, that signed a letter to the UN, send on September 23, 2019.

“The ruling models on which the international climate policy is based now, are unwarranted. It is cruel and precipitous to demand that trillions will be wasted on the basis of the results of these imperfect models. The current climate policy undermines the entire economy brutally and unneccesarily”, the letter said.

Still, it remains an important theme: the warming in the last decades is a fact, as is the melting of the ice on the poles. Although this is cyclical. And some scientists predict that we will enter a Little Ice Age near the middle of the century. There will be a cold wave. And maybe what is happening at the poles right now, is a precursor of that. But astonishingly, there are no scientific conferences on the climate. And there is no common truth that comes from scientific controverse. It is no coincidence that the Nobel Prize winner in physics, Ivar Giaever, said at a meeting with other Nobel Prize winners: “The warming of the Earth has become the new religion because you can’t talk about it.”

It’s strange, but the Russian Academy of Science, as the most important expert organisation of the land, still has no official consolidated view on the causes and time frame of the warming of the Earth. The position is ambiguous, says the president of the Academy, Alexander Sergeev. It’s clear that there needs to be a serious climate conference to develop a common scientific platform for Russian scientists. After all, in the end it’s about physics and measurable facts. The answer should also be about that. An answer, upon which one could build when making strategic political and economical decisions.

It is very risky to follow the West in this. We can see in what situation Europe has brought itself. Not only are prices for every fuel (including firewood!) rising as never before, but there are also unforeseen environmental problems. In France for instance, there have been protests against wind turbines recently. They not only kill birds, make an unpleasant and even harmful sound, or pollute beautiful landscapes, it’s also unclear how one can get rid of the giant turbine blades. They are made form heavy composite material, are about 40 meters long and weigh 7 tons. Some old blades were sent from Europe to Ukraine. In America old blades are simply buried in the ground. In some EU countries this is prohibited but there is still no other solution.

We know this problem from Crimea, where Cape Meganom was covered with wind turbines under the rule of Ukraine. Even before the reunion of Crimea with Russia, this fashionable project went downhill. The blades came off. The generators are corroded. Who is going to clean this up? Where are the ecologists? Time to call Greta Thunberg?

Let’s end with a view into eternity. According to the timeline of climate change on Earth in the last half billion years, it’s was even hotter before we came along. There was cyclical warming and cooling in the past thousand years. We are still within these boundaries. Russia needs a serious climate-scientific discussion. At the same time it’s clear that the planet needs the be kept clean anyway. But, as president Putin remarked justly: “we don’t have to introduce a number of standard schemes blindly; all decisions that are taken, should mean a new source of growth and technology for the Russian economy.”