Friends of Clintel

A growing number of people around the world (including the founders of CLINTEL) is increasingly concerned about the overhyped claims surrounding climate change and the very costly policies that are being promoted.  The message of CLINTEL is: there is no climate emergency. Therefore there is no reason to panic and enough time to come up with practical approaches that won’t hurt the most vulnerable in society.

The World Climate Declaration of CLINTEL is an attempt to unite people around the world sharing our views. If you belong to this group, please consider to become “Friend of CLINTEL”. For 100 euro a year (this will be an annual collection of €100,00, you’ll receive a reminder though a few weeks before the year expires) you support our work and become part of our network. The group of “friends” is growing rapidly. Friends of CLINTEL will get access to new reports first and will get invitations for events that we organise.


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Many thanks in advance for your support!
Guus Berkhout & Marcel Crok