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Clintel World Climate Declaration

Thank you for your interest in CLINTEL. We greatly appreciate your support for what we are doing. Please, bear in mind that the World Climate Declaration is not a petition. It is a summary of what critical (climate) scientists agree upon. The signatory list is used as a worldwide network of experts on climate matters who are consulted for Clintel’s activities.

Clintel published the World Climate Declaration (WCD), a summary of what climate realists agree upon. In a few words, the WCD states that climate change is a fact but not a crisis and climate policy should focus on adaptation. Currently, the WCD has been signed by more than 1900 scientists, engineers and other experts in over 64 countries.

If you would like to sign, please fill in the following questionnaire. Note: the form will be submitted to Clintel and be judged personally by the Clintel team. Please provide enough information, otherwise we will have to reject your application. For example, indicate your personal Linkedin page and not just a link to In case you are an academic, please provide details about your work, even if it is from a field that is not directly related to climate science.

In order to further extend the list of signatories, to publish interviews with signees, to research and write reports backing up the Declaration, we greatly appreciate any donation that you could make.(Required)
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