CLINTEL has started a collaboration with the Canadian Friends of Science Society. They will be making a series of four videos with regard to the CLINTEL World Climate Declaration. This is part 1.

CLINTEL – the Climate Intelligence group of more than 800 international scientists and professionals – have sent a letter to the World Economic Forum to inform them that there is NO Climate Emergency, and that’s good news for Greta Thunberg and her followers, many of whom are scared about climate change. Present day climate change turns out to be well within natural variability of the past.

Dr. Guus Berkhout, president of CLINTEL, has issued a new plain language climate science essay that shows how computer simulated models have been mistaken for ‘reality’ and why they are unsuitable for setting climate policy. Some people wonder why the WEF business community and Al Gore claim there is a climate crisis, but the CLINTEL scientists and professionals don’t…

The answer is found in a Forbes story where Roger Pielke, Jr. reveals that two green billionaires sponsored a very influential climate risk report that used the most extreme and least likely scenario. That document and that thinking became embedded as if fact in science, when it is pure speculation. Dr. Berkhout explains things in his own words here.