The 19 year old German girl Naomi Seibt is quite influential on her youtube channel with speeches about freedom of speech and climate realism. German authorities are now trying to ban some of her videos, like the one shown here, given on February 16 of this year in Germany. Christopher Monckton of Brenchley, the British ambassaor of CLINTEL, is helping her in her defense against the fines she recently received, see here and here.

Naomi introduced her talk in the following way:

Am I the Anti Greta that the media wants me to be? This is a speech that I gave about the importance of free speech, indoctrination behind the Climate Hysteria and what it means to be Pro Human.

She doesn’t want to be called the “anti-Greta”:

The message that I want to send out is way more than “Anti-Greta”. I am not “Anti-Greta”. I don’t force anyone to give up their dogmas about climate change. I want us to havew more opportunities for discussion. I want us to listen to one another. And I want us to be allowed to be scientific sceptics.

She added:

No, I am not “Anti-Greta”, and we are not “Climate Deniers”. We must not let anyone degrade us and make us members of the controlled opposition. For we have our own positive ambitions, ideas and qualities. We are not “Anti-Nature”, but “Pro-Science, “Pro-Innovation”, “Pro-Sensible Environemtnal Policies”; and, most importantly, we are “Pro-Human”.

At the end of the talk she said:

My last words to you: I don’t want you to panic. I want you to think.