By Pierre Gosselin posted on The NoTricksZone

The green energy future is not green at all, a stunning new documentary shows how corrupt and destructive it is to our environment.

A former KPMG employee in London realizes that the green energy movement is corrupt throughout.

The whole time things started feeling funny. It was like a glitch. It’s like, this doesn’t feel right. These people are doing these big projects, making lots of money. But they’re not sustainable. You know, these are some of the most ego-driven monsters. There is a lot of dark stuff in these companies’ supply chains. It’s all about money, and they’re using the sustainability agenda as just another tool, another stick to beat their suppliers with.” – Alexander Pohl, former employee, KPMG London. “These people are everywhere. it’s a systemic corruption.”

The Green Movement is based on lies: Man has not become the biggest climate driver, and green energies are not rescuing the environment. The opposite is what’s real.

Marijn Poels latest film, Headwind, shows us that much of the green energies now being installed are irreversibly ravaging the environment and how it’s about corporations making tonnes of money.

What we are told are solutions today will be the environmental disasters of tomorrow.

Greta is in for rude awakening.

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