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Big news! Nobel Prize winner Dr. John F. Clauser signs the Clintel World Climate Declaration 

John F. Clauser, winner of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on quantum mechanics, has decided to sign the World Climate Declaration of Clintel with its central message “there is no climate emergency”. Clauser is the second Nobel Laureate to sign the declaration, Dr. Ivar Giaever was the first. The number of scientists and experts signing the World Climate Declaration is growing rapidly to now more than 1600 people.

In July Clauser gave a talk at the event Quantum Korea 2023. He warned the audience about the growing amount of pseudoscience and misinformation. Some quotes from that talk:

“in my opinion the IPCC is one of the worst sources of dangerous misinformation.”

“I have a second elephant in the room that I have recently discovered regarding climate change. I believe that climate change is not a crisis. […]”

“Beware. If you’re doing good science, it may lead you into politically incorrect areas. If you’re a good scientist, you will follow them. I have several I won’t have time to discuss, but I can confidently say there is no real climate crisis and that climate change does not cause extreme weather events.”

We are very happy of course that an excellent and high profile scientist such as Dr. John Clauser speaks out about this contentious issue. A warm welcome to Dr. Clauser.

tweet from Clintel about this big news had over 130,000 views in the first 24 hours.

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Very interesting interview with Judith Curry by John Stossel

John Stossel has interviewed Judith Curry. A first compilation of 7 minutes has been released and it is very well done. It gives a good overview of how the climate debate works and what is at stake for climate scientists. We are looking forward seeing the full interview.

 More big news! Clintel now also a registered 501(c)3 organisation in the USA 

More good news! Thanks to the help of an American friend of Clintel, we have been able to set up a US registered 501(c)3 organisation under the name Climate Intel. This means that US citizens can now do a tax deductible donation to Climate Intel and support the work of Clintel. Several options for donations can be found here and here.

Clintel is an Amsterdam (The Netherlands) based thinktank founded in 2019 by Dutch emeritus professor Guus Berkhout and science writer Marcel Crok. Clintel operates as a climate science and climate policy watchdog. In its first year it launched the World Climate Declaration, stating firmly “there is no climate emergency”. That declaration is now signed by more than 1600 scientists and experts. Among them two Nobel Laureates.
Clintel wants to be independent from governments as these are the main funders of climate science and policy. In practice it means we need broad support from citizens and small and medium enterprises around the world.

For more information, please contact Marcel Crok, +31 6 16 236275, marcel.crok@clintel.org

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