Newsletter May 11, 2021

© Clintel Foundation / May 11, 2021 A new climate policy study from CLINTEL says the EU has the economics all wrong CLINTEL co-founder Marcel Crok (Netherlands) has a new essay critical of the EU climate policies. The title is also the conclusion of the study: "Undue Climate Haste". (This actually [...]

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Newsletter February 2, 2021

© Clintel Foundation / February 2, 2021 Adaptation much more profitable than mitigation The world should focus much more on climate adaptation and much less on mitigation. This is the conclusion of the global Climate Intelligence Foundation (CLINTEL) following the international climate summit that took place in the Netherlands over the past two [...]

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Newsletter December 23, 2020

© Clintel Foundation / December 23, 2020 Dear Friends and relations of CLINTEL,  In the year 2020 the coronavirus was the number one scare. It was also the number one story in the news media. The focus on corona gave politicians the opportunity to secretly carry on with their destructive [...]

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Newsletter November 20, 2020

© Clintel Foundation / November 20, 2020 World Climate Declaration The number of signees of the CLINTEL World Climate Declaration (WCD) keeps growing. There are now more than 900 signees from 37 countries. We frequently update a pdf with all the names on the CLINTEL website. Want to sign as well? Go HERE. [...]

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