Book Review by Kip Hansen

A fantastic read!   Take a deep dive into the intrigue and devious deception perpetrated on the world by a detailed list of international operators at the point where international climate change politics, the entertainment industry and over-zealous and unscrupulous advocacy meet to generate money, transfer power and influence international politics.

This book is a forensic investigation into how one sad and tragic act of Nature was intentionally, and with great stealth, twisted into a false narrative to bolster the very questionable claims that there is a climate emergency and wielded in secret to influence the movers and shakers of international policy.

It is also the heart-breaking tale of how a great man, one who has educated and delighted audiences around the world with a long list of award-winning nature documentaries, fell prey to the temptings of a duplicitous money-hungry advocacy organization which drew him into a scheme to hide the truth in order to create a powerful lie.   The scheme involved years of secretive planning and included requiring participants to sign non-disclosure agreements to prevent the true story from emerging before the gut-punch video could have its intended shocking effect on the stage of world opinion.

That man was the highly respected Sir David Attenborough

The story was “Walruses are jumping off cliffs to their deaths — yes, because of climate change”.

The major knowing and complicit malefactors in this deception:  The BBCNetflixSilverback Films, and WWF.  

FALLEN ICON is not a book for children, it is serious professional investigative journalism, and clearly laid out for readers in a step-by-step narrative.  This is not just speculation but an extremely detailed account from start to finish.  The book is 166 pages of eye-gripping reporting and includes, for those who wish to dig even deeper, 73 additional pages of references, appendices and citations.

Read it and rejoice in the victory of Truth over Falsehood – and weep for our Fallen Icon.