3 06, 2022

Looking at the sun

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John Robson, a historian, makes excellent short videos about climate change. You can subscribe to his channel. Yesterday he posted a somewhat longer video focussing on the role of the sun. It is very well done and I encourage everyone to look at the full 20 minutes. It discusses in quite some detail [...]

17 07, 2021

The many hopeless European climate change laws

By |2021-09-01T12:07:10+02:0017 July 2021|Belgium Dutch, Belgium French, News|Comments Off on The many hopeless European climate change laws

By Samuel Furfari Professor Richard Lindzen of MIT University, one of the world’s leading experts on atmospheric physics, had these extraordinary words: ‘Carbon control is a bureaucratic dream. If you control carbon, you control life’. The European Commission (EC), in its desire to control CO2 emissions, is going to – although it is not intended [...]