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CLINTEL Annual Review
2021: Accomplished a lot
2022: much more to do

Dear readers of the CLINTEL newsletter, friends, donators,
In the following, we – Marcel and Guus – look back at 2021 and we reveal our plans for the year 2022.

Historical Reminder
It is often very helpful to look at current developments from a historical point of view. In 1973, the first oil crisis caused fears that prosperity (and social gains) of the Western world come under serious pressure. Olaf Palme, the Swedish prime minister at that time, was a strong supporter of nuclear energy and wanted to build at least 24 nuclear power plants by 1990. Bear in mind, at that time there was no climate problem and the anthropogenic CO2 threat did not exist, let alone an energy debate on this issue. But here is the Houdini act: Human CO2 was dragged-in to create support for the construction of nuclear power plants! This wicked political argument was invented by scientist Bert Bolin, professor of meteorology and sports friend of Palme. He wrote to Olaf Palme (read carefully):

“Because the vast majority of people do not understand anything about physics, thermodynamics, meteorology and climate (and because the vast majority of politicians understand even less about it) – that the effect of carbon dioxide CO2 on climate events, if any, is extremely small and marginal – we are developing from this a possible global warming threatening to people and nature if nothing is done about it.”

Not a surprise that the task of the IPCC was to focus on the role of human CO2 on global warming. Also, not a surprise that professor Bert Bolin became the founder and first chairman of IPCC.

History also shows how Olaf Palme and Bert Bolin managed to get the whole world involved in their deceitful narrative (of course they did not expect that the result would be paving the world with supply-driven wind mills and solar panels instead of a relatively small number of demand-driven nuclear power plants). Neither the Club of Rome nor the World Economic Forum were initially concerned about ongoing global warming. Their concerns were about the ecological footprint of the increasing population and the shortage of food and raw materials. Their leitmotif was: good stewardship of our planet and good stakeholdership in business. An ideological vision that deserves our full attention without dragging-in anthropogenic global warming. But they saw bread in the CO2 craze and so the film “An inconvenient truth” became their exit sign. Apart from the fact that Al Gore became filthy rich with it, does anyone imagine what the Earth would look like today if any of his doom predictions had come true?

The above appalling facts (with thanks to Pjotrs Newsletter of December 28, 2021) remind us that prestigious scientific organizations such as academies of sciences and universities, were bribed at a global scale to spread the AGW theory. Their models do not seek for the truth, but they are fabricated to legitimate political lies. It also reminds us that we are fighting against heads of government and extravagant rich elites who know that the CO2-alarmism is wrong, but that it will help them to increase their power. In CLINTEL, therefore, apart from being good scientists, we should be good historians as well. Let us fight them with good science, but let us also fight them with their own deceitful words.

Finally, it is important to mention that China, India and Russia refused to go along with the NetZero plans of COP26. They contain almost half of the world’s population and a lot of great scientists. How is it possible that alarmists still spread the message that 97% of the scientists support the AGW theory?

In 2020 CLINTEL wrote an energy vision, the Energia Renovabilis (in Dutch). This document was used to convince politicians that nuclear power is the energy of the future. You may have read that the Dutch have planned to go for at least two new nuclear reactors. It shows that we should not give up and that persistence pays off.

Developments in 2021

The number of signatories of the World Climate Declaration increased to 970, including a number of great scientists. We see an acceleration in new applications and expect to reach the number of 1000 soon (in IPCC speak: it’s virtually certain that we will reach 1000 in 2022). But again, for CLINTEL quality is more important than quantity.

We increased our group of CLINTEL ambassadors by four:

  1.     Dusan Bizic for Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro
  2.     Dr. Blanca Parga Landa for Spain
  3.     Professor Lászió Szarka for Hungary
  4.     Professor Seok Soon Park for South Korea

In addition, Professor Demetris Koutsoyiannis requested to step down and he was succeeded by Sotiris Kamenopoulos. And last week, professor Jan-Erik Solheim has agreed to replace late Morten Jødel as our Norwegian ambassador. Jan-Erik’s CV will be sent to you next week.

China, India and Russia contributed hugely to the flop of COP26.  Let us look at suitable candidates in the three countries to strengthen the position of CLINTEL in these parts of the world.

Christmas Message to World Leaders
We have sent a Christmas letter to world leaders, making clear that instead of solving problems these ‘leaders’ make them worse:

The Christmas message contains two wake-up calls:

(i). CO2 budgets and total lockdowns are based on fear; they limit human rights, feed extremism and push mankind into a deep physical, mental and financial crisis. Excellencies, be aware that “Citizens don’t want to live in a culture of fear”. 

(ii). Instead of squandering trillions to a problem that does not exist, release people from poverty, solve global health issues such as the corona pandemic, invest more in science and education and, above all, take better care of all life on our unique planet. Excellencies, be aware that “The trust of citizens in you and your organizations is rapidly disappearing”.

The message implies that the same ‘leaders’ who frighten citizens with a climate crisis, now repeat exactly the same narrative in the corona epidemic. Although the problems are different, they make use of the same misleading methods in both fields. Instead of solving problems, they make them worse! It is hoped that the Christmas message will start a rethinking process in the many global public and private organizations that support these ‘leaders’ for financial reasons.

A reflection on COP26
critical letter was sent to Heads of Government, climate scientists tests and youngsters that were present at COP26:

How many delegates at COP26 had any idea about how the Earth’s climate works? And had they any idea about the costs and benefits of their plans? CLINTEL has individual messages for the three dominant groups who attended the COP26 conference: heads of government, young people and climate scientists. The Trilogy makes 5 points:

  1. There is NO climate emergency;enjoy today’s relatively mild climate
  2. CO2 is NOT a polluter; more CO2 it is a blessing for nature and mankin
  3. Focus on SUPPLY-DRIVEN energy sources is a fundamental mistake
  4. Future affordability and security of supply cannot be realised without NUCLEAR energy
  5. National ADAPTATION plans work, whatever the causes of climate change may be

For each of the three groups CLINTEL explains that the COP26 goals are leading mankind into the wrong direction. We already see that the COP26 mission is rising energy prices, which again lead to increasing food prices as part of an unstoppable acceleration in inflation. One positive outcome is that many developing countries refuse to follow the COP26 recommendations.

A reflection on the SPM of AR6
Statement of serious concern about the misleading conclusions in the Summary of Policy Makers (SPM) of the Sixth Assessment Report (AR6) was sent to the chair of IPCC, Dr Housung Lee (a combined initiative with ICSF):

The political message in the SPM is that we have entered a huge climate crisis and dramatic measures must be taken immediately to avoid a global catastrophe; we are almost too late. However, in AR6 we can read that IPCC scientists finally admit that the crisis pathways in previous reports were highly exaggerated and, therefore, very unrealistic. Note that this is exactly what CLINTEL states in its WCD: “There is no climate emergency. We do have time to react in an intelligent way to the current global warming period. Global warming may even be used to our advantage.” 

Invitation to Mr. Guy Parmelin, President of Switzerland
The President of CLINTEL, Guus Berkhout, invites the President of Switzerland, Guy Parmelin, to critically investigate whether the Host State Status of the World Economic Forum (WEF) still fits with Switzerland’s motto ““Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno”

The Forum has failed in this regard, despite having had early research and knowledge (i.e. the published 2006 Annual Report) that global risks were known and yet they were recently subverted entirely and replaced with a singular focus on the alleged climate crisis. Looking at its mission statement, how could the Forum grant a stage to youth climate activists Greta Thunberg, who gave her fear-mongering speech “Our house is on fire. I want you to panic. I want you to feel the fear I feel every day.”

The invitation was copied to Klaus Schwab,  Exectutive Chairman of WEF, being a close friend of Guy Parmelin.

Laboratory on Climate Imaging
CLINTEL announced the start of the ‘Laboratory of Climate Imaging (LCI)’ at the 2021 Annual Climate Science Event of the Canadian climate organization Friends of Science.

In CLINTEL’s imaging lab we let the data speak, making imaging the counterpart of modelling. It involves collecting, re-arranging and parametrizing measurements (‘observational data’) with the aim to extract and visualize the different properties of complex systems. This is done without understanding yet the internal mechanisms of a system. Knowing the system properties – in time and space – is often enough to make important decisions on how to cope with system changes. This is particularly important when decisions are urgent and policymakers don’t have time to wait for the availability of reliable scientific models. Or in other words, in practice we often cannot wait for explanations before acting. In such a situation on-time adaptation is the only practical solution.

First results are already promising and have led to a data-driven ‘Universal Space-Time Description of the Earth’s Climate’. By comparing the LCI- imaging approach with IPCC’s modeling practice, we see that where the alarm-driven IPCC models use a MINUS sign in the feedback, the data-driven imaging results tell us nature uses a PLUS sign. Results will be presented in the forthcoming weeks. 

Series of lectures by ICSF/CLINTEL
In 2021 the Irish Climate Science Forum (ICSF) started a series of lectures, supported by CLINTEL with the best critical climate thinkers from around the world. This year we had amongst others Richard Lindzen, William Happer, John Christy, Roger Pielke Jr., Ross McKitrick and several others. The lectures are very highly appreciated and attract viewers from all over the world. For a complete overview, see https://www.icsf.ie/lecture-series

Professor Happer visits CLINTEL’s head office
In November William Happer, emeritus professor of Princeton University, visited CLINTEL in The Netherlands, after he first spoke at the EIKE conference in Germany. Although Holland just went in another lockdown we managed to organize a lecture with lots of people in the room. The full talk is a must see, which you can do at the youtube-channel of CLINTEL.

Biased homogenization
With a group of independent researchers we have been working on the homogenization of KNMI temperature measurements in The Netherlands. The temperature corrections of KNMI had a large influence on historical (before 1950) very hot days and therefore heatwaves (a lot of them disappeared from the history books). We recently managed to publish our criticism on these biased corrections in the scientific journal Theoretical and Applied Climatology. See press release here.

III. Plans for 2022

CLINTEL would like to function as a global umbrella organization, connecting, inspiring and supporting the climate activities of all national organizations worldwide. We hope that all critical scientists will become a signatory of the WCD.

We must continue to confront consensus scientists, heads of governments and rich elites with evidence that their narrative is wrong. Let us repeat and strengthen our messages in the COP26 Trilogy ever and over again.

CLINTEL scientists will continue to create new evidence and we expect that the imaging results of LCI will also be of great help to reveal the evil role of alarmists in their NetZero policies.

NetZero measures will ruin Western economies, accelerate inflation and make citizens poor. We need to concentrate on this evidence to reach the big public.

We will pursue approaching the Academies of Sciences and make them aware that they – as guardians of the sciences – forsake their role. The consequence is that in many fields scientific models are abused for commercial and political purposes.

We, Marcel and Guus, would like to thank all CLINTEL ambassadors, all Climate Organizations and all sponsors worldwide for their advice and support; let us work together to make 2022 a year full of positive surprises.

December 31, 2021
Guus Berkhout, President of CLINTEL
Marcel Crok, Director of CLINTEL

World Climate Declaration

The number of signees of the CLINTEL World Climate Declaration (WCD) keeps growing. There are now more than 970 signees from 37 countries.

A notable new signer is Lex A. van Gunsteren, Marine propulsion expert, former director of Corporate Planning and R&D of the Royal Boskalis Westminster Group, former professor of Technology at TU Delft and Erasmus University.

Another one is Joseph Reynen, Finite Element Modeling Expert, Retired from EU Joint Research Centre in Ispra, Emeritus Associate professor TU Delft

Want to sign as well? Go here.

CLINTEL is an Amsterdam (The Netherlands) based thinktank founded in 2019 by Dutch emeritus professor Guus Berkhout and science writer Marcel Crok. CLINTEL operates as a climate science and climate policy watchdog. In its first year it launched the World Climate Declaration, stating firmly “there is no climate emergency”. That declaration is now signed by more than 970 scientists and experts.
CLINTEL wants to be independent from governments as these are the main funders of climate science and policy. In practice it means we need broad support from citizens and small and medium enterprises around the world.

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